Rudolf-Carnap Lectures 2024

March 14-16, 2024 | Ruhr-Universität Bochum 

It’s an honor and a pleasure to announce this year’s Carnap Lecturer,
Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett, University Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director of the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory at Northeastern University in Boston. She is the author of the bestselling books How emotions are made (New York 2017) and Seven and a half lessons about the brain (New York 2020), translated into numerous languages. In addition, she is the editor of several collections and author of many academic and popular articles. 

Lisa Feldman Barrett will present four lectures. The second one on Thursday, 14th of March, will be open to the public at ZEMOS building on RUB campus (6-8 pm). It will be preceded by an Award ceremony in which she will be the first recipient of the "Ruhr Award for Philosophy and the Mind Sciences". If you want to participate in any event, please register by email to [email protected] by March 1st.

Lecture 1: Three Lessons About Emotion
Lecture 2: Concepts as Tools For Living (Public Lecture)
Lecture 3: Three Lessons About the Brain 
                  (or, Some Stuff I've Learned from Studying Emotion) 

Lecture 4: Relational Realism as a Framework for Understanding the Mind